Thursday, 8 July 2010

Catchup time begins!

And I have a lot to do. Well here's some browser-based bookmarking:

I don't use this very much as I tend to want the same sites on the several different computers that I use. However, it's good to see that browser-based bookmarking now incorporates the tagging feature I like so much in web-based services.

I couldn't get my two new bookmarks to appear in the main bookmarks menu for some reason but there they are at the top of the "recently bookmarked" submenu!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Web based RSS reading

Google Reader - as you can tell I've been using this for a while:

And here's my NHS MyLibrary reader, which I haven't used before so has but two blogs plucked from the aether in it (besides the default ones).

Browser based RSS feeds - erm

Fraid this is the only feed I use the browser for!

Someone else's blog

I already follow a few blogs, mostly about libraries, but here's one I like that's about computer game design instead. He hasn't posted anything for a while, sadly, but I hope he's just busy designing more games.

Designer Notes

Here's a post

As I was talking to Isla just now I thought this would be an excellent moment to write a blog entry. It was interesting going through the "preview" of 23 Things as I had a passing acquaintance with most of the, er, things but hadn't used all of them extensively.

Here's a screenshot of my iGoogle page.